Here at C J Vinten Goldsmiths, we can complete Valuations for insurance.  Christopher was a member of the N.A.G Registered Valuer’s Scheme and was therefore fully trained and able to carry out Valuations for Insurance at a high level.  Since Christopher’s retirement we can no longer complete Valuations under that title, however, his son and daughter, Lance and Lily, can produce these documents at a high standard.

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To secure insurance or to update an existing insurance policy.

Any valuation that is over five years old is very much out of date and is likely to need reviewing.

Our comprehensive and confidential Valuation Service provides:

  • An up to date schedule (with full item description & current replacement values)
  • A photographic record
  • A full cleaning service

We recommend T H March for all your jewellery insurance: Quote AC246T.

All goods are insured whilst in the possession of C J Vinten Goldsmiths.