Additional Services

Pearl Stringing

C J Vinten offer a pearl and bead stringing service, which includes; silk, nylon, elastic and steel wire. This service does not take place on the premises, but hand delivered to a local highly trained stringer.

Watch Battery

Supply & Fitting. We offer an on-site watch battery fitting service and on most occasions this can be done whilst you wait. If a watch requires a watch specialist or further servicing, this can be carried out at a local watch repairer.

Jewellery Repair

The craftsmen in our on-site workshop are fully qualified and have years of experience. Repairs can vary from; altering a ring size to replacing missing stones to fixing silverware.

Hand Engraving

For hand engraving we use a specialist who trained and worked at C J Vinten. If an item requires machine engraving, this can be arranged with a local company. Like all of our off-site services, these would be hand delivered, ensuring items are secure and safe.