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Reasons to purchase from C J Vinten are summed up in three words - INDIVIDUALITY, QUALITY and TRUST.

At C J Vinten, we provide INDIVIDUALITY in both our approach to business and in what we sell.
As most of our gem-set pieces are designed and manufactured in our on-site workshop, this exclusive jewellery has a very distinct and individual look.

We only use the finest QUALITY gems and materials. 
The extent of work involved in producing the final piece ie. mining, refining, sorting, polishing, designing etc can often be underestimated.   Quality remains, and will be appreciated a long time after the price is forgotten.

The service offered to our customers has remained unchanged over the years and we work hard at maintaining this high standard on which our reputation stands.  With years of experience, we can be trusted to know all there is to know within the fine jewellery business.  We have knowledge and expertise in gemology, jewellery both antique & modern and silverware.   Our customers return time after time, having total TRUST in both the staff’s knowledge and in the jewellery they purchase.