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  • How to buy jewellery and still care for and protect our environment.

    Jewellery making and Gem sourcing is a highly competitive industry. Originally everything was done by hand, but nowadays lots of low cost items are manufactured by automated machines and computers. Majority, if not all of which is done in controlled environments where modern equipment and employment law is the norm. This has eliminated the problems of exploitation and child labour.

    However, there is much more of an ethical issue when it comes to the gathering or mining of gem materials. They are all natural to the environment we live in, some miles under the earth crust, the oceans, or even under the glaciers or ice caps of our planet.

    Ethical jewellery is considered to be jewellery that has no negative impact on the people who make it, or the environment they're sourced / produced in.

    There have been many controls and processes put in place to protect both the supplier and buyer, the most well known of which is probably The Kimberley Process which is a certification scheme for diamonds, established in 2003 by a United Nations resolution, following a series of reports which first exposed the link between the diamond trade and the financing of conflict. These have all helped to expose, highlight and stop exploitation of people / communities and unnecessary damage to the environment during the various stages of gem sourcing and jewellery production.

    In 2012 The Fairtrade Foundation's standard for gold came into place, helping artisan miners obtain a fair price, safer working practices and greater investment in their communities. Fairtrade Gold is now available in most forms 9ct Yellow, 18ct White and Yellow and Fine Gold.

    If you would like us to work with you to create an ethical, sustainable and Fairtrade item of jewellery, then please contact us on 01702 713645 or info@cjvinten.co.uk

  • Buying Jewellery Online

    With the growth of the internet, it is very easy and convenient to shop online; you can find all sorts and get it delivered straight to your doorstep!

    This is not a pboie_2ost to tell you not to buy online, we love receiving those presents from the postman! However, we would like to educate you of what to look out for.  Whilst many of the items of jewellery being sold online are legit (obviously, as we have an online shop), some are not what it seems, and many people are not getting the right amount of education on their purchase.

    It is common knowledge that diamonds have the four C’s; Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut and some diamonds are sold with a certificate listing all of its properties.   However, what a lot of people don’t know about is Correct Proportions and Fluorescence and we are starting to see a worryingly large amount of diamonds being sold online that contain bad properties.

    There are many sites that you can view the diamond’s certificates or choose the diamond you would like in the item of jewellery. A large majority of these retailers know that most of their customers will not know much about diamonds past the four Cs, so they list diamonds that have a lovely high colour and clarity however ‘Strong Fluorescence’.  This means that although your diamond will be white and clear, it will forever feel like it isn’t “sparkling”.   Lack of “sparkle” in a high colour and clarity and no Fluorescence diamond could also be an indication of a diamond which has been cut badly, therefore light can not reflect back out properly. More worryingly, is that there is a large number of diamonds being sold which have been fracture filled.  This means that the inclusions have been glass filled to reduce their appearance.  On many certificates or receipts this will only be mentioned in small print, so most of the time the client will not have read it.  Fracture filled diamonds cause a lot of problems for jewellers like ourselves in the future; we will not be able to clean the jewellery properly or do work on them i.e sizing.  Not to mention that over time the filling will disintegrate and will be very noticeable.

    So if you are thinking of purchasing jewellery from a website that has certified diamonds, take your time to read the properties listed. We would also recommend having a read through the Gemmology Institute of America (GIA), as there is lots of useful information regarding diamonds.  We would strongly recommend buying a diamond that has a GIA certificate.  Other reputable certificate producers are HRD or Anchorcert.


  • Birthstones - what are they really about?

    Birthstones originated in the 1st century and are a gemstone that represents a person’s month of birth. Even though interpretations have changed slightly over time today, many still believe that wearing your own birthstone is a token of good fortune and contains healing properties.

    So if you ever wondering how to make someone’s gift “extra special and personal”, have a look at their birthstone in the table below and then come and see what we have in store or chat to us about having a specific item of jewellery made containing the appropriate gem.

  • Buying Jewellery Abroad

    C J Vinten’s opened its doors 36 years ago, and over these years we have seen many customers purchase items of jewellery abroad and these numbers are increasing each year.

    We are seeing many Brits jetting off on their holidays to escape from their daily lives and our bkmsrubbish weather. And occasionally whilst they’re away they stumble across a jewellery store and they remembered once they heard somebody say “we got an amazing deal on our diamond jewellery in the Caribbean”, or their tour guide whilst out on an excursion takes them to “a great jewellers with great prices”.  We can definitely see why you may get tempted to splurge on these cheap sparkly jewels, I mean, who doesn’t like a bargain?!

    Although, many times we have had happy, sun-kissed customers skip into our shop beaming from ear to ear saying they bought a diamond ring at a fantastic price but it needs resizing and were assured they could have it done once back in the UK. Sadly we have had to inform 90% of these customers that their ring is impossible to size for a number of reasons; the diamonds are set all the way around the band, far too many sizes therefore the ring cannot take the pressure, poor stone or manufacturing quality or that the items were not legitimate.

    Okay, we don’t want to seem like it is all doom and gloom, we have also seen a few lucky people who have purchased diamonds in such places as, Dubai, and they really have had a good deal!

    If you absolutely love the item and you’re happy to spend the money (and it fits), then why not treat yourself. So here are a few things to think about and look out for whilst shopping abroad:

    Do they have trip advisor reviews? if so, take the time to read some

    If you feel any pressure from either the salesperson or other shoppers, take yourself out of the situation and think about what you are about to buy

    Take your time in looking at the diamond/gemstone and the workmanship

    Use your common sense, think about how a jeweller may be able to resize or alter the item

    If the salesperson refuses to let you look under a jewellers loupe or magnifying glass, then something is probably wrong

    Think about how much it will cost you in import duties etc

    Always pay by credit card and keep receipts

    Always trust your gut

    So if you are thinking of purchasing an item abroad and you would like some more advice, then feel free to pop in and have a chat with us.

  • Jewellery Cleaning

    How To Clean Your Jewellery At Home

    If you are fortunate enough to have a lifestyle which means you can wear your jewellery every day, then they will need a clean from time to time. We would always recommend you take your jewels to your trusted local jeweller, because nothing beats a professional clean!  However, if you notice your jewellery is looking a bit dull and you're about to go on a big night out, then follow our easy steps:20170510_144338

    • Step one: Fill a small bowl with warm water and a dash of washing up liquid
    • Step two: Grab a soft bristle toothbrush (keep one in the cabinet especially for this)
    • Step three: Scrub the stone(s) especially underneath for a good few minutes
    • Step four: Rinse and buff using a jewellers cloth if you have one, or a fresh, clean duster/cloth
    • Step five: Check the bowl before emptying that no stones have fallen out in the cleaning process

    Please take extra care when cleaning delicate gemstones such as; Opals, Pearls, Tanzanites and Emeralds.

  • Southend as Alternative City of Culture Launch

    Layout 1
  • Vinten's Annual Preview Event

    Yet another very successful Christmas Preview Event in November 2016.

    All clients that are invited are entered into a prize draw; this years prize was a handmade Silver Tourmaline and Diamond ring!

  • Music Video filmed at C J Vinten's

    IMG_20160609_141509 Southend-on-Sea based band, Arcaves, shot scenes for their new music video 'Man Enough' at C J Vinten Goldsmiths. Check out the video by clicking on the link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUKuC382mKs

  • Sapphire Cluster Ring

  • Bespoke Peridot Ring

  • Bespoke Engagement Ring

  • Summer Wedding


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